Saturday, 28 August 2010

Culture Vulture: Mama Shelter

Another reason to go to Paris? Bonjour, Expedia.

The main attraction? Hotel Mama Shelter.It was voted among the 100 best hotels in Europe by Geo Saison, as well as the best design hotel 2009 by Travel & Leisure magazine. This place is just ridiculously cool, with different sized rooms (from only €99 per night at peak times) from ‘Mama’ all the way up to ‘Mama Suite’ (an apartment-style room complete with working desk and kitchen), all a picture of modern, hip, architectural and quintessentially chic Parisian living. Mama Shelter also has a pizzeria (which serves small pizzas from noon to 1.30am everyday except Sunday), a snacking shop to provide for your munchies with candies, chocolates, biscuits and more, a ‘Chic Chic Bar’ (advertized as ‘A chichi, thoughtful bar, perfect for lovers of deep, melancholic conversations’) and “an Island bar for ladies and gentleman longing for a more fused world with the help of concoctions prepared by our team of bartenders”. There’s also brunch for those of you who party hard and sleep late - hey, when in Rome (or Paris), right? Some of Mama Shelter’s other (huge) perks are their events (seriously cool DJs), free in-room on demand movies, and shop (“Inside there are pink armoires, Napoleonesque three cornered hats, balls for playing a game of bowls, but also some indispensable products such as telephone chargers, adaptors, tooth brushes, condoms… and it’s full of books by art publisher Taschen and DVDs from MK2, a French film production/distribution company, specializing in art house”). I ask you, could it be any cooler?

Sweet Song Saturday

'Rain of Gold' by Young Empires

I want to be her.

Yes, I watch Gossip Girl. And yes, I actually enjoy it. I realize that this might render me both pathetic and a total air-headed socialite, but I don't care. The fashion is incredible, and the show is a welcome refrain from everyday life.

And I ask you, how could you not want to be Blair in this photo? I already have her immaculate dress sense, perfectionism, and obsession with going to an Ivy (in fact, I entertained the idea of Yale for quite some time - and yes, it was before the Gossip Girl episode, thank you very much!). Now all I'm missing are her AH-mazing clothes and to-die-for location. Paris isn't known as the fashion capital of the world for nothing, y'know...

Friday, 27 August 2010

Christian for Payless???

No, not Christian Louboutin, but close! (What I wouldn't give for a Louboutin Payless collection... That's a rhetorical question. The answer is NOTHING!)

Anyway, these delicious creations are limited edition Christian Siriano for Payless, and are just as Parisian and just as chic as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (at risk of bouts of envy and violent window-smashing behaviour). I plan on purchasing both of the above (come on, you don't expect me to choose do you? Do you WANT me to have a quarter-life crisis?) as soon as my plastic allows.

And get this - if you get both pairs of shoes (if! I mean WHEN), you're eligible for the BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF offer. Sorry Payless, I may have just caused a riot.

Trend Report: Insert Jeans

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Short shorts

No, not the Sour Patch denim kind, thank goodness (so sweet in my head, soooo sour out of the wardrobe). I'm talking about the very-short-film type; more specifically, short fashion films. It seems like everyone's at it these days, from Wildfox Couture to Chanel. (It's actually kind of a trend. Why haven't I dubbed this post 'Trend Report'? Well, mainly because waay too many of my posts have been under said caption recently!)

Anyway, speaking of Chanel, they're quite literally at it (or at least, Gaspard Ulliel and his beau supposedly are in the short 'Bleu de Chanel'). And, drumroll please, the whole thing is directed by Scorsese. That's right. SCORSESE! Oh, the clothes! The haute couture! The haute guy! The empty, aching elegance! So Chanel, and sooo awesome.

Check it out on YouTube here:

Monday, 23 August 2010

Three words: Give. It. Now.

I already have a purple Armani Exchange shirt, lots of silver chain jewelry (including a cute silver plaited chain with soaring swallows), and cut-out black slingback peep-toe heels to pair these KILLER jeans and varsity jacket with... It must be meant to be, right?

Trend Report: 'Country Estate'

Sunday, 22 August 2010

"It’s Paris in the ’20s. It’s a backroom boudoir at a house of ill repute..."

What are the folks at NAAG talking about? Lindsey Thornburg's INCREDIBLE debut ready-to-wear fall collection (coming soon), that's what. NAAG reports: "Thornburg dreamed up a line that is absolutely glamorous and decadent. It’s Paris in the ’20s. It’s a backroom boudoir at a house of ill repute. It’s your favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald heroine if she practiced white magic and lived in the desert."

Sounds good to me.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Sweet Song Saturday

'Sun of a Gun' by Danish songstress Oh Land.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Rock the Runways 2010 report

The show opened with Urban Retread’s menswear and their womenswear line Urban Girl NW. It was difficult to know whether the crowd was fanning themselves due to the high temperatures or the heat delivered by the models as they stomped down the runway to Ozzy Osborne’s ‘Crazy Train’. Urban Retread contrasted sharp tailoring with preppy-meets-rock looks. The models sported black eyeliner with open shirts, rosary necklaces, preppy blazers with Urban Retread’s signature motifs emblazoned on the back, and board shorts. Whereas Urban Girl NW flaunted maximum voltage swimwear featuring tropical hues and metallics, statement jewelry, and vertiginous heels. Saffrona Swimwear favoured a polished aesthetic featuring white and aqua in all their looks while HMS contrasted sharply with a hip, modern collection in tune with the rock theme. HMS showed statement t-shirts with slogans, embellishments, and shredded backs paired with dark bottoms. Moontess followed with a black lace and sheer silk flower motif and cabaret styling including dramatic masks. Tuxedos by Lidia continued the lingerie theme with models sporting crisp tuxedo jackets paired with nothing but heels. The underwear-as-outerwear trend, and dramatic, cabaret millinery – perfectly matched the accompanying music of ‘Dude Looks like a Lady’ by Aerosmith. TK Couture also featured the popular lingerie style, along with black and gold lame knit swimwear. Bella Donna Marie provided a breath of fresh air with fruit inspired, tropical tie-dye print swimwear. Mystique ended the show with a spectacular ‘sexy Little Red Riding Hood’ theme. Sensual cabaret dancers strutted down the runway outfitted in short, black dresses in a red and black colour scheme, elbow-length gloves, and elaborate masks. Then, helpless versions of Little Red Riding Hood in Royal Ascot hats played chase with bare-chested male models that were wearing woodland masks.

Check out the full report at

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Topshop 'Sun Shower' look - get it!

So here's the deal: features a makeup tutorial on how to get this insanely beautiful 'sun shower' look (sparkly gold that surrounds kohl-rimmed eyes - see above), but, the 'sun shower' gold eye pencil that is required to do this has been sold out since I don't know when. However, recently I discovered an even better product that could give you the Topshop look and more, so, like a good neighbor (State Farm is there - sorry, couldn't resist!) I decided to share with you all.

The product is the above gorgeous little thing: metallic mineral eyeshadow powder from Make Up Forever (available from Sephora, $22). It can be used as a smooth eyeshadow that highlights all natural eyecolours, or with a wet makeup brush to get the 'sun shower' eyeliner effect. The best part? It's not super sparkly, so if some falls off your eyes onto your cheeks (oh so annoying normally, oui?) it won't look like loose eyeshadow, just like highlighter. C'est bon!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Rock the Runways v5.0 Fashion Show sneak-peek

The Semper Fashion Rock the Runways v5.0 Fashion Show, which took place last Saturday and was held at the traditionally music-friendly Benson hotel, was a crazy-hot show, as you might be able to gather from the sneak-peek photos above. While a full report and more photos will be coming soon on dayafter (, for now let me entertain you with the social scene. The charming host, Jeremiah Stroup, was charismatic and generous (he gifted me with his own programme when he realized I was lacking one), the models were fabulous and friendly (what a rarity!), and some big names were in attendance, including Miss Oregon Teen USA 2010, Cara Nardini (who you can see above, showcasing Tuxedos by Lidia and Saffrona Swimwear in the show), who I had the pleasure of meeting (along with the rather beautiful male model, Yura Feitser, above; both were lovely and just as gorgeous in the flesh), and Miss Plus America.

More to come on this scandalously hot gig...

Monday, 9 August 2010

Feelin' retro...

I'm wearing a black polo neck from New Look, New Look snap cuff jeggings (rolled up above the ankle), bronze pointy-toed flats (with miniature wedge heel) from Target, silk scarf, bright yellow watch from Forever 21, 14K gold and diamond unique custom-designed ring and Urban Outfitters nail polish in Purple 2. Note: my hair is pulled into a chignon and makeup = cat-eyes and nude lips.

Sunday, 8 August 2010