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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

LV giveaway - UPDATE

Well, because Mother Teresa has nothing on me, the giveaway is officially EXTENDED! Like a family involving uncles with tendencies towards pedophilia. Without the desire to wear overly baggy loungewear at Thanksgiving. And all you have to do now is follow me via Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin! Now that, that is just like marshmallow sweet potatoes. (The best part of the whole thing, if you were wondering.)

Friday, 2 September 2011

Giveaway - *THE* monogram

Ich habe crazy. It's a disease. Really - but don't worry, I'm self-medicating. It doesn't appear to be working, though - another martini, dear sir! Hence, my ADHD use of dashes and this giveaway. But anyway, I'm giving in and going along with it, luckily for you. I promise - no 12 Steps for Crazies or Givers Anonymous (at least until someone wins the Louis Vuitton). Hey look - brackets! Oh. Shit.

Here are my demands (mwahaha):

1.) Go HERE and like the photo (yep, that's my 'happy-maniacal' face). It's my competition entry for Bloggers' Wardrobe, a blogger-brand community, so you'll have to like their page first to like the photo. You have until SEPTEMBER 16TH to like my photo. Or the hostages die.

2.) Follow me on Bloglovin and via Blogger/Google Friend Connect (see sidebar for both).

That's it y'all! Time for some poetry: who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be who wins the Louis V?