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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

LV giveaway - UPDATE

Well, because Mother Teresa has nothing on me, the giveaway is officially EXTENDED! Like a family involving uncles with tendencies towards pedophilia. Without the desire to wear overly baggy loungewear at Thanksgiving. And all you have to do now is follow me via Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin! Now that, that is just like marshmallow sweet potatoes. (The best part of the whole thing, if you were wondering.)

Friday, 2 September 2011

Giveaway - *THE* monogram

Ich habe crazy. It's a disease. Really - but don't worry, I'm self-medicating. It doesn't appear to be working, though - another martini, dear sir! Hence, my ADHD use of dashes and this giveaway. But anyway, I'm giving in and going along with it, luckily for you. I promise - no 12 Steps for Crazies or Givers Anonymous (at least until someone wins the Louis Vuitton). Hey look - brackets! Oh. Shit.

Here are my demands (mwahaha):

1.) Go HERE and like the photo (yep, that's my 'happy-maniacal' face). It's my competition entry for Bloggers' Wardrobe, a blogger-brand community, so you'll have to like their page first to like the photo. You have until SEPTEMBER 16TH to like my photo. Or the hostages die.

2.) Follow me on Bloglovin and via Blogger/Google Friend Connect (see sidebar for both).

That's it y'all! Time for some poetry: who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be who wins the Louis V?

Friday, 22 October 2010

Culture Vulture: The New Age of Elegance & The Rise of the Dinner Party

Fashion seems to be suffering a bit of an earthquake right now. The key concepts of fashion have been shaken (and stirred, too) - first, models started looking somewhat like they might not snap if you hugged them, and now, suddenly, mini skirts are out. Yes, just like that, the dynasty of overtly-sexual dressing (when it comes to the legs at least) has been toppled. Easy is out, and elegance is in.

Long skirts (and the accompanying lean, relaxed-luxe look) were first championed by such taste-making legends as Fendi, Dries Van Noten and Marc Jacobs (for both his own line and at Louis Vuitton, above) at the A/W 2010 shows, and showed no signs of stopping there. The look has continued on into the Spring 2011 shows (and, no doubt, trends), and I for one am rejoicing.

The shift from ‘sexy’ to ‘elegant’ in fashion signifies so much more than an engineered change in consumer demand. For me, the focus on elegance indicates a return to fashion’s golden days, before the recession, when women dressed to be beautiful, and ‘glamour’ wasn’t a dirty word. Fashion is all about creating an aura, a projection of how you would like to be perceived, and elegance certainly creates an enticing one: it says you’re wealthy, you’re sophisticated, you’re cultured, and you have better ways of getting men into bed than flashing some leg (and more skill when you get there, too).

As you might be able to tell, I’m very taken with this whole idea, romantic that I am. I am rather inclined to begin living, as well as dressing, in an elegant manner, and what better way to showcase a stunning floor-length gown (and a newly-honed knowledge of opera) than by hosting a dinner party?

Now, there is one thing that (I believe) must be said about dinner parties: they rely on their presentation - that is, the dinnerware used. One may hold a dinner party wherever one would like (a garden party can be charming), and any sort of fancy finger foods may be served, however the postmark of taste in this case is undoubtedly the dinnerware sets used. Formal dinnerware is a symbol of elegance, just as is a long skirt or dress within the area of fashion. Nothing says ‘sophistication’ quite like a glass ice bucket or decanter set (I’ll have mine in cut-glass crystal from Tiffany’s, please).

If any of you want to follow suit and live a life of luxury and elegance (at least in part), the best thing you can do for yourself is buy some formal dinnerware from Mikasa. They offer a range of casual dinnerware, as well as the more formal selections, so you can entertain in less stuffy style, if your social circle requires that. If casual dinnerware is your choice, I’d recommend you check out Mikasa’s Italian Countryside dinnerware - clean, crisp, and simple, recalling classic Italian architecture, the Italian dinnerware line reflects minimalistic, simple elegance. There are also various flower-motif plates and dinnerware pieces, for those charming garden parties at 3 o’clock sharp.

If, however, you are like me, and want to really embrace elegance after its long absence, Mikasa also offers a magnificent range of formal dinnerware for a really splendid occasion. There are some beautiful dinnerware pieces, my favourite of which has to be this Mod Plaid Champagne Flute - very fresh, very Burberry, very elegant.

No matter which dinnerware set you choose, remember the spirit of living elegantly: that of good company, good times, and friendship. Canap├ęs and Krug optional.