Friday, 2 September 2011

Giveaway - *THE* monogram

Ich habe crazy. It's a disease. Really - but don't worry, I'm self-medicating. It doesn't appear to be working, though - another martini, dear sir! Hence, my ADHD use of dashes and this giveaway. But anyway, I'm giving in and going along with it, luckily for you. I promise - no 12 Steps for Crazies or Givers Anonymous (at least until someone wins the Louis Vuitton). Hey look - brackets! Oh. Shit.

Here are my demands (mwahaha):

1.) Go HERE and like the photo (yep, that's my 'happy-maniacal' face). It's my competition entry for Bloggers' Wardrobe, a blogger-brand community, so you'll have to like their page first to like the photo. You have until SEPTEMBER 16TH to like my photo. Or the hostages die.

2.) Follow me on Bloglovin and via Blogger/Google Friend Connect (see sidebar for both).

That's it y'all! Time for some poetry: who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be who wins the Louis V?

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I dream in garlic butter

The most incredible gourmet garlic fries to ever grace your tastebuds, at Wayfarer, Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Burak Uyan

Do you think there's a way I can legalize my shoe addiction? Maybe I should just call it a day and go to rehab. I hear the clinics are pretty swanky these days. Bipolar withdrawal tendencies make the cleansing distinctly unfun though - last time consisted of broken tableware that was definitely not Greek and bouts of bunny boiler behaviour. Anyway, this shit is INSANE. My dreams of sculpture, serpents, and fluro stars bursting across my vision are so vivid I know I must be hallucinating. Best hit EVER. Ride the high.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Edit: gin, jewels, and gems of a different sort

Another incredible concoction born of the talented hands of my favourite Czech bartender: a Squirreltini. Basically a chocolate martini, I'm not even sure if it has any gin in it - it just sounded good in the title! Seriously though, this cocktail is liquid heaven.

The DANNIJO Court necklace: my must-have fall accessory.

Kelly Wearstler's SICK jewellery collection.

The Bar Method, Pure Barre, Cardio Barre...I'm obsessed with all of them! Change your body? More like transform your body! Love love love.

The Chocolate Cafe at Cannon Beach, Oregon, and the most DIVINE chocolate shake you will ever taste. Seriously. I'm making a return trip just for this shake. It's that good.

Images (from top):,, Net-a-Porter,

Saturday, 20 August 2011

It's all about the Miu Miu

The most impressive shoe of the season... seen in the Harper's Bazaar September issue...

...and the Vogue September issue...

...and the Marie Claire September issue...

...and the Elle September issue. So, basically, either editors really like these shoes, or they've gotten a lot of freebie mail recently.

Images (from top): Net-a-Porter and Refinery29

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wrist wars

After spotting this story on the best-braceleted wrists on Refinery29 (Rachel Strugatz, pictured here, totally wins BTW), I remembered how much I adore bracelets, cuffs, and general wrist-and-hand adornments. Here are some of my favourite picks:

The EPIC Dinosaur Bones cuff from nOir, worn by Strugatz above.

A couple more picks from nOir. Find them here.

Kenneth Jay Lane Sculpted Branch Cuff

Pamela Love 7 Crystal Cuff

Made Her Think Mini Metal Thorn Cuff

Images, as attributed.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Romantic gothicism

Unlike, well, pretty much everyone else on the northern hemisphere, I am already dreaming of shorter evenings and a windchill factor. Fall! Ah, the beauty of autumn. Think about it: there's velvet, lace, and fierce shoe boots, not to mention the social acceptability of sequins and the reappearance of the hallowed Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.

As you can tell, what really gets my blood running about fall is the rebirth of certain trends, predominantly that of romantic gothicism. Luckily for me, this trend was a major presence on the fall 2011 catwalks (hallelujah!). Look out for my article on how to make romantic gothicism work in real life in the September (and the first!) issue of JENESEQUA iPad magazine (I just recently signed on as fashion editor, and I can tell you, I'm so excited for everything that is to come! I'll let you all know when it's available), but for now, some inspiration:

Inspiration on the Alexander Wang and Antonio Berardi Fall 2011 catwalks

Rue du Mail Top at Forward by revolve

The Lake & Stars Bra at Net-a-Porter

Young, Fabulous & Broke Jennifer Skirt at Revolve Clothing

Alexander Wang Devere Bag at Net-a-Porter

Low Luv X Erin Wasson Bone Armour Ring at Revolve Clothing

CC Skye Mad Max Pendant Necklace at Ideeli

Pelle Moda Famous Open Toe Booties at Shopbop

To see more, check out my Romantic Gothicism Pinterest Board.

Images: all copyright belongs to the respective sites, links above.