While we're not quite fully furnished here (expect a custom logo soon), I'm proud to say we are now up and running! Here's what you can expect from Beauty, Not Bullshit:

- New posts two days per week,
- One of which will be written by me, published on Tuesday;
- One of which will be written by our new guest blogger, published every Thursday.

About that...I am super excited about this... I am very proud to announce that we have a new member joining the Beauty, Not Bullshit team. She will be contributing to the blog once per week; her scintillating and hilarious articles will be posted every Thursday in her own column, 'The Socialite'. While she has chosen to adopt anonymity to protect the not-so-innocent (including herself), you might know her from the back and party pages of Tatler, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar. You can expect hilarious industry exposés in her weekly column as she parties hard, socializes hard and lives fearlessly, writing about all of it and exposing, praising and tearing down, as appropriate, right here at Beauty, Not Bullshit.

Now, how does this apparent frivolity fit into the answer's-in-the-title Beauty, Not Bullshit mantra, you might be asking yourself. Well, while it might seem like our Socialite gets to party for a living (and she kinda does - major. Life. Envy), what she actually does is seek out and infiltrate the supposed best of the best in restaurants, the arts, luxury accommodation etc, and tells the rest of us whether it's worth the hype. If it's not, trust me, she won't hesitate to destroy the reputation and aura hanging around her undeserving subject. It's sort of like 'Critical Shopper', except with attitude: 'Cynical Critical Experience', perhaps.

So, that's my news for the day, folks! Hope you enjoy the new BNB!

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