Friday, 15 April 2011

Blogger Big Up: JH

From the genius Jacob Hubertus who brought you some of Sweden's most spiffingly sartorially inclined citizens comes a more artistically themed blog of pure talent. The eponymous site features Hubertus' incredible drawings, paintings and photographs, and frankly, I'm planning on pitching purchases before he gets mega-famous and starts charging a (rightful) fortune.

Check out JH here.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gemma Ward returns?

Several years after being ousted from the modelling world for - shock horror - gaining weight, Gemma Ward has landed her first magazine cover (albeit that of a supplement, to Harper's Bazaar Australia) since her withdrawal from the industry. And thank God for that - am I the only person in the world who thinks this is a positive thing for the fashion industry? That cover models who have curves and beauty (yes, imagine that! Beauty without being rail thin! Gasp!) are the real models - role models, that is? But while everyone involved in the fashion industry keeps saying how much they advocate health and fuller figures, there still seems to be little change in the size and shape of the models flaunted on magazine covers and runways.

But a change in this damaging hierarchy might provide more perks than a little diversity: honestly, I would be much more open to actually buying something that was put on a woman with a shape that more closely resembled my own than that of a lamppost. We all know full well that a model so thin she could squeeze through a mail box can make pretty much anything look good - but what is that high-necked Peter Pan collar dress going to look like over my C cups? Frankly, I'm not going to pay good money to buy into the idea that if I purchase this piece of merchandise, I'm going to look like the model toting it in Vogue - I'm really not that stupid. What I will pay money for is a well-crafted, flattering garment that unapologetically werks it on a healthy model with a 29-inch waist.

One can only hope that the fashion industry will cotton on to this eventually. After all, to draw on a senario detailed in Page Six's article on Gemma Ward's industry "betrayal": commenting on Gemma Ward's appearance, a fellow Australian trekker remarked that he 'couldn't believe she was a model' and that she "looked rather like the rest of us". And just who is a model hired to sell merchandise to? The alien population among us? Blimey, they really must be a minority group. Someone draw them up a bill of rights.


Monday, 11 April 2011

Best spring-summer transitional pieces

Pussybow blouses look great with everything, from maxi skirts to jeans to leggings to this season's essential wide leg pants, and this cotton one from ASOS is no exception! Plus, it's light material and white colour make it the perfect choice for beating the summer heat.

These Jersey Palazzo Pants from ASOS are all the rage right now, and perfect for the summer temperatures with the light jersey material. They are also surprisingly flattering, and come in petite so everyone can rock them. Thank goodness - they make your legs look miles long, and who doesn't want that?

This Topshop Raspberry 3/4 Sleeve Shrunken Blazer is cropped, light, and bright - perfect for balmy summer evenings that cool when the sun goes down.

This Yellow Print Mesh Skirt Maxi Dress by Unique for Topshop has a gorgeous summery-chic graphic print and would be perfect for cocktails by the marina in whatever sunny location you choose. Personally, I'm dreaming of wearing it for lazy lunches al fresco at my apartment in Benalmadena, Spain - summer cannot come quick enough!

This Topshop Sand Layered Maxi Skirt is right on trend and light enough to be perfect for the coming summer months. It's also super sheer and flirty - perfect for summer parties!

These SENSE Cut Out Platforms, from Topshop, are the perfect transitional shoe: airy enough to let your feet breathe in the summer heat, yet with heels high enough to save them from any April shower puddles, and a great example of the spring brights trend. That sure ticks all my boxes!

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Topshop Dress Up collection - sneak peek!

If you're as obsessed with Topshop as I am (OK, that's not possible, I admit it. Trust me - I attend TFA meetings. That's 'Topshop Freak Anonymous', FYI. And yes, 'Freak' singular. I'm the only one in the group. It's pretty lonely actually. And it's just beginning to dawn on me that talking to yourself probably doesn't qualify as therapy, or getting yourself help. Or getting anything other than a straightjacket, actually) you probably already know that Topshop is set to drop a hot new collection of "statement making" dresses, Dress Up, on April 14th.

What you probably don't know is just. How. Awesome the whole freakin' thing is. The great thing about the Topshop folks, and the reason I shop predominantly from their (real and virtual) racks, is that they know how to deliver great clothes on a budget. I'm talking the real hallmark of great quality clothes: structure. It's all about structure, people! When you find jackets with curved hems and cropped backs and intricate seams that fits perfectly, you know you've struck gold. Consider Topshop, then, an Aladdin's cave of affordable treasures.

And Dress Up, praise the Lord, is no exception. The collection features gorgeous, party-ready dresses at prices guaranteed not to piss off anybody's wallets. But don't take my word for it - judge for yourself with these sneak peeks at a few of the pieces, below.









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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Body jewellery - the new craze?

I, for one, am totally in. My favourite pieces, above, can be paired with anything and turn an 'OK' outfit into an 'O-Kaaaay!' Sartorialist-worthy ensemble. Body jewellery is the sharp dresser's answer to sartorial burnout (worried about putting together yet another creative look? No worries, just toss on that shoulder chain and you're golden), and one thing's for sure - you won't ever have to worry about someone else sporting an identical look!

All of the above items can be found at the ASOS Culietta and Electric-Ibiza Marketplace boutiques.

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not an air hostess

Nope, this was my take on colour blocking, not the Mile High Club. I am absolutely in love with this red crepe blazer from Topshop - it's flattering, cropped at the back (it's cut to above the bottom of the ribcage), and just generally awesome. Red clashes (in a good way, if that's possible) with no colour better than blue, so I added a blue and white striped polo shirt from Ruehl, my beloved Michael Van Der Ham for Topshop scarf and these purple court shoes that I snagged from Dorothy Perkins for £10 (!). Pretty much my perfect outfit for spring, this look encompasses the two essential C's: no, not Chanel - comfort and cuteness.

Red crepe blazer: £70, Topshop
Polo shirt: Ruehl
Silk scarf: Michael Van Der Ham for Topshop
Leggings: £10, Topshop
Purple court shoes: £10, Dorothy Perkins

Friday, 1 April 2011

Guest Post: Side Effects of Blogging by Beyond Fabric

Men's fashion & lifestyle blogger Miguel from Beyond Fabric hails from a remarkably unglamorous background (he was a civil engineer), much like myself (I'm an athlete). Yet, just like me, he found his way into the world of fashion blogging - and thank God for that! Beyond Fabric offers thoughtful, well-written articles on various topics, offering intelligent males everywhere a taste of the chic life. Check it out (i.e. bookmark it in your boyfriend's Favourites) here.


According to Newton, for every action there is an equal and opposed reaction. As a civil engineer, this is one of the early teachings that sticks with you not only during the course, but in your work life as well. Interestingly enough, this law is one that certainly transcends the boundaries of physics into our everyday lives. In my case, it most certainly did...

Mind you, this is not one of those ‘power of blogging’ posts; there are many professional bloggers out there far more qualified than me to dazzle you with their stories of success. Given that when it comes to blogging I’m not (yet) a professional and that the quantification of one’s success is fairly subjective, my aim is simply to stress the effects of pouring your heart into something, which in my experience, happened to be blogging.

If, a couple of years back, someone had told me I would be sharing my path as fashion blogger today, I would find it, at the very least, unlikely. After all, what are the odds of a civil engineer ending up writing about menswear and style? My interest in the area began at an early age, mostly influenced by my older brother’s (who lived in Berlin and London) sharp sense of style. It had been a somewhat numb passion which accompanied me through the years.

When I began Beyond Fabric a few months ago, it began simply as a means to state my opinions and thoughts regarding the topic, but I considered it nothing more than a hobby. Honestly, putting myself out there felt awkward in the beginning: I don’t have a degree in fashion or design, nor have I worked in the area - who’d be remotely interested in what I had to say? As the initial doubts faded away and I kept on posting, it felt liberating, inspiring, and ultimately cathartic, allowing me to express my creative side.

Without wanting to go too much further into details, the blog evolved, gaining recognition from peers, magazines, and newspapers, and most importantly it paved the way for a fashion-related job. Nowadays, I’m working with one of my favourite stores, and although it’s not my dream job (for now), it has enabled me to get in touch with a different reality, where I get to be involved with styling and photoshoots.

Who would have said my blog would open the doors to a new profession and become my very own resume and portfolio, all in less than a year? Although it’s still in the infancy stage, I can’t help but wonder about how much has changed and the opportunities that blogging has presented me with...